Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chloe's First

Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool

So within the past couple days Chloe and I have experienced a lot of "firsts." This weekend we had our FIRST road trip to Dallas to visit my aunt and do some shopping. She did great, she slept most of the way and played with my aunt's dog Yoshi. SUNDAY, when we got home, we experienced our first encounter with a cat! My grandmother has a stray cat that she feeds. Well Chloe thinks that everything is a playmate opportunity! So she barks at the cat b/c she wants it to play with her! After a few swats from the cat Chloe finally gave up on that dream. LOL.
Last night as a birthday present, my parents kept her so I could go out with my friends and not worry about her crying at home! My dad called today and told me that they "bonded" this morning over some stuffed animals and play! She def loves to play! She did come home with a few extra stuffed animals that she stole from her "Aunt" Taylor! LOL! Taylor said she could keep them since she had already started to chew on them! LOL!

Well today we discovered a love of DITCHES and TURTLES!!! We were going for a POTTY walk when I saw this turtle fast as a turtle can the parking lot! So Chloe and I run over and she starts to freak out.... Barking and crawling under the car where the turtle was now was great!
Chloe is getting the TURTLE!
SO then we had to go inside and wait for the turtle to disappear so we could focus on the POTTY part! She still insisted on searching for it...even tho it had left...thats when she must have picked up its scent in the ditch. She got in that ditch (sans water) and ran up and down like a crazy thing!!! I laughed!
Hunting in the ditch....That turtle is here somewhere....

We returned outside later in the afternoon...puppies have to go babies....and she saw her first SQUIRREL! I didn't have my camera or I would have captured the moment on camera! was a long now she is pooped!!!

Its a long day! Passed out under mom's favorite place!!!

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