Friday, September 17, 2010


When I first started working as a nurse, I loved the night shift. Patients slept, no family, no doctors…for the most part! I was able to treat patients and not the things going on around them! Well now I am going to the day shift. I am very nervous cause it is way more busy on days. Patients are always leaving the floor for procedures or tests, families are there, doctors are writing pages of orders. I am hoping I can transition.
Daddy and Lucy tried to do the night shift! It did not work well for Daddy! Lucy liked to get up and play from 2 am til 5 am! She seems to sleep perfectly with her Gigi and Pops…
Hopefully working days will get everyone on a good sleep schedule…including Miss Lucy!  I have 3 nights left! Daddy is so excited!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My growing girl!

Lucy has grown so much! On Tuesday Sept 7th she had her 2 month old check up and the first round of immunizations! Mommy and Lucy both handled the shots very well.

Lucy’s new favorite toy is her bouncy seat! She loves it! She has also discovered ceiling fans! She thinks those are so funny.

We recently had the opportunity to have a photo session with a local photographer Melonie Brister. The pictures are amazing! This is the first one I saw! I started to cry! My little girl is so big!

Lucy is also loving her baths! That is her favorite part of the day! She likes to have the warm water running over her! She gets so relaxed! Mommy and Daddy love to watch her feel so good!


Mommy started back to work on nights on Sept 8th. Daddy and Lucy did the night shift at home while Mommy did the night shift at work. Mommy is def gonna be looking for a daytime job so she can spend more time with Lucy!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So I was really nervous about Lucy meeting her sisters. The situation with getting to see them is hard and complicated. But I said my prayers and we were able to see them! I am not sure how their mom feels about the baby….but I am sure we will find out soon enough. Anyways….they loved her! SAM_1040 Thats Bella (blonde) and Ariel! They are gorgeous! Thats how I knew Wes could make pretty babies! :D


I didnt really try to force the idea of sisters on them…but they thought she was great. We had a little party with those in Wes’ family that could come see her!




All the Kiddos…. left to right
Hunter, Gator, Lucy, Ariel, Bella…



Then we went to meet Daddy, Crash and Uncle Ryan after a fishing trip! Lucy rode her first ferry! SAM_1080