Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a year goes too fast

So this year has gone too fast for me. My baby girls is one year old and walking! AAHHH! What will I do?
We are preparing to move to Corpus Christi to be with Wesley's family. We made the big move a couple weeks ago with all our things. I am still in Lake Charles this week taking care of last minute details. I am very used to the loving, at times overwhelming, support of my large family. There is always a free babysitter somewhere. So in a few days I will be packing up my things for the last time and leaving Lake Charles as my "HOME". I am very nervous and worried. I am usually open to change and some new things, but this has been overwhelming for me. I do know that its time to focus our time and energy on "our family". Wesley and I have talked about the future and what we hope/plan for. I am hoping our own place will help strengthen our relationship. I have warned him that I will be sad and lonesome for a while, but the promised we will come back often to visit. I think secretly he will miss my crazy family too.
I am typing and listening to Taylor Swift who has recently become one of my favorite singers. I love her song "BEST DAY". I hope Lucy will love to sing and listen to music like I do. She loves to dance and sing in church and with the TV.
Time for bed, I hope through out this crazy move that I can keep updated on here, It helps to get some feelings out!