Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Cards

Ever since I became a Mommy, I have been using Shutterfly to post my baby girl’s photos and share them with family. Even before I became a Mommy, I used Shutterfly for all sorts of things. Almost every time we go on a trip, we use Shutterfly to upload and share most of our pictures. It’s the easiest thing to do! I’ve also made several photobooks through them, and the quality is great! I keep the books out in my living room, and they’re always good conversation starters.
They have the best selection of Christmas cards this year! This will be the first year to send out one with my new little family. Even my mom is thinking of sending some out through shutterfly to update everyone on what has been happening in our lives.
This year I plan on using all the personal gifts available on Shutterfly to give Lucy's grandparents some unique ways to enjoy her lovely face. So looking forward to the surprise on their faces when they see their Lucy-ized gifts. 
I love all the different layouts they have on Shutterfly. I am looking forward to picking out a great Christmas card this year! Especially since it’s my baby girl’s 1st Christmas! Check out a few that I have in mind! I promise I won’t care if we all pick the same! But I doubt we will, there is such a wide variety.


Great news fellow bloggers.....for a limited time, Shutterfly is giving 50 free Christmas Cards to bloggers!

5 months old

Little Miss Lucy is 5 months old now! She officially has 2 teeth…thats right two! I am so sad at how fast she is growing! She has rolled over a few times (I have yet to see it, joys of a working mom), and is now enjoying sweet potatoes and bananas with oatmeal cereal. This is her favorite meal. 27349407231_ORIG

This picture is from Thanksgiving! She is growing so much!


She was too starving to wait for a spoon to reach her mouth, so we had to have a bottle first!



We are still living with my grandmother, and for the most part, it  is working out well. No one is ever alone in the house!  I think this weekend we may try to go to the Grant Christmas Tree Farm.

Lucy did get to sit on Santa’s lap at the Bass Pro Shopmyimagedownload(2)

Backtracking to the Beach!

Wes’ family lives in Corpus Christi. His girls also live there with their mom. We went to visit them before I started working. Lucy was able to interact more with her sisters and enjoy her first trip to the beach. Wes and his dad were not able to go fishing because of that tropical storm that had formed in the Gulf right there by Corpus.  We were able to go for Labor Day weekend and see more of the family.

SAM_1238 SAM_1209 SAM_1214 SAM_1219  SAM_1225




Posting more news soon!