Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So we just celebrated the 1st Halloween that Lucy could actually participate and enjoy! She eventually got the hang of it….and was starting to tell everyone “TANT YOU” as we left their houses.

Wesley had bought her a Fairy costume a few weeks ago for a Halloween themed birthday party. He and his sister both mentioned to me that she hated it. So when I pulled it out to put it on her, she ran screaming in the other direction. HAHAH! Luckily I bought a lovely peacock costume at Old Navy last year for $4.97. She agreed to wear it and loved the fact that she had a bird on her head Open-mouthed smile.

To say my daughter gets her personality from me would be an understatement. Although I don’t remember looking at myself in the mirror as much as she does….but who knows.

Our current obsession is to wear shoes and socks…except when its bed time, then she is okay to take them off. She would rather just wear a diaper, and then have socks and shoes on. That is definitely not from me because I hate to wear shoes. I wish I could go barefoot all the time.

Case in point! See what I mean….


She also LOVES babies! And there are many different items that qualify as “baby.” Barbie doll, baby doll, scary skeleton hanging on a door, skeleton head in the yard. Everything is a baby and its fantastic. Right now she love to take things to cover her baby like a blanket, but most of the time is a small towel, dish rag, wash rag, or an article of clothing. My mom gave us a doll house and it has some wooden furniture, so she has put her babies in those beds, which fit the Barbie dolls great, but real human babies not so much. We have a broken bed and a broken chair. LOL!

IMAG0824This is one of our favorite current babies from our recent trip to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. She carries this big baby around everywhere and covers it with whatever make-shift blanket she can find.  Then for the first time tonight I saw her telling her baby “no, no” and shaking her finger at it, and then I think she spanked it! LOL!. I do not spank my child, but sometimes I slap her hand so she will get the point not to touch something or mess with it.

We are also in love with the park. We are so fortunate to have some lovely amenities within a very small radius of our house. One of them is a park that we can walk to. Lucy loves the park and is not afraid at all to slide!

There is never a dull moment when she is awake and I love it because she is in bed by 8:30! Open-mouthed smile We will try to update soon!