Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So we just celebrated the 1st Halloween that Lucy could actually participate and enjoy! She eventually got the hang of it….and was starting to tell everyone “TANT YOU” as we left their houses.

Wesley had bought her a Fairy costume a few weeks ago for a Halloween themed birthday party. He and his sister both mentioned to me that she hated it. So when I pulled it out to put it on her, she ran screaming in the other direction. HAHAH! Luckily I bought a lovely peacock costume at Old Navy last year for $4.97. She agreed to wear it and loved the fact that she had a bird on her head Open-mouthed smile.

To say my daughter gets her personality from me would be an understatement. Although I don’t remember looking at myself in the mirror as much as she does….but who knows.

Our current obsession is to wear shoes and socks…except when its bed time, then she is okay to take them off. She would rather just wear a diaper, and then have socks and shoes on. That is definitely not from me because I hate to wear shoes. I wish I could go barefoot all the time.

Case in point! See what I mean….


She also LOVES babies! And there are many different items that qualify as “baby.” Barbie doll, baby doll, scary skeleton hanging on a door, skeleton head in the yard. Everything is a baby and its fantastic. Right now she love to take things to cover her baby like a blanket, but most of the time is a small towel, dish rag, wash rag, or an article of clothing. My mom gave us a doll house and it has some wooden furniture, so she has put her babies in those beds, which fit the Barbie dolls great, but real human babies not so much. We have a broken bed and a broken chair. LOL!

IMAG0824This is one of our favorite current babies from our recent trip to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. She carries this big baby around everywhere and covers it with whatever make-shift blanket she can find.  Then for the first time tonight I saw her telling her baby “no, no” and shaking her finger at it, and then I think she spanked it! LOL!. I do not spank my child, but sometimes I slap her hand so she will get the point not to touch something or mess with it.

We are also in love with the park. We are so fortunate to have some lovely amenities within a very small radius of our house. One of them is a park that we can walk to. Lucy loves the park and is not afraid at all to slide!

There is never a dull moment when she is awake and I love it because she is in bed by 8:30! Open-mouthed smile We will try to update soon!

Monday, August 1, 2011

pain perdu

I always thought Pain Perdu was actually "Pain Pain Deux". For those of you not from Cajun Country it would be pronounced "pan pan du". It is cajun french toast. My grandfather made it often and since his death I have found nothing close to his french toast. I have recently began playing with recipes. I decided tonight to "GOOGLE IT" since we made Chicken, Sausage and Okra gumbo. We also have a loaf of bread that might go bad soon, so I can use it for the pain perdu. ANY who...I am gonna try to post pictures tomorrow of the results.

First few days have not been bad, still trying to unpack all this stuff. grrr. Its a process and it is kicking our butts! PRAY!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a year goes too fast

So this year has gone too fast for me. My baby girls is one year old and walking! AAHHH! What will I do?
We are preparing to move to Corpus Christi to be with Wesley's family. We made the big move a couple weeks ago with all our things. I am still in Lake Charles this week taking care of last minute details. I am very used to the loving, at times overwhelming, support of my large family. There is always a free babysitter somewhere. So in a few days I will be packing up my things for the last time and leaving Lake Charles as my "HOME". I am very nervous and worried. I am usually open to change and some new things, but this has been overwhelming for me. I do know that its time to focus our time and energy on "our family". Wesley and I have talked about the future and what we hope/plan for. I am hoping our own place will help strengthen our relationship. I have warned him that I will be sad and lonesome for a while, but the promised we will come back often to visit. I think secretly he will miss my crazy family too.
I am typing and listening to Taylor Swift who has recently become one of my favorite singers. I love her song "BEST DAY". I hope Lucy will love to sing and listen to music like I do. She loves to dance and sing in church and with the TV.
Time for bed, I hope through out this crazy move that I can keep updated on here, It helps to get some feelings out!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lucy Ann and MCADD

Lucy Update                                                                                                                                       January 12, 2011
Every baby has a Newborn Screening test done at birth. Until recently, most states only screened for 3-4 disorders. Louisiana now screens for 29 disorders. At Lucy’s visit to the Children’s Clinic the Sunday after she was born, Dr Thompson told us Lucy’s Newborn Screening (NBS) had come back abnormal and it would need to be repeated as well as a urine sample. At that time many people reassured us that it happens often and rarely does it come back abnormal for the 2nd time.  In September, we were notified by the Children’s Clinic that her 2nd Newborn Screening still came back abnormal and that Tulane genetics would be contacting us for further testing. I immediately called Phaidra at Tulane genetics.
Phaidra informed me that Lucy had been flagged for MCAD, Medium Chain Acetyl-coA Deficiency.  We did not do much research before seeing the doctor. The internet can be dangerous with information. Wes and I did basic research and found that we would have to make sure she ate often in order to keep her blood sugar level up. We did have some further genetic testing done at Womens and Childrens in Lafayette.  We have been waiting for results since then. I got a call at the end of December to set up an appointment to see Dr Hans Andersson, a Human Genetics Specialist at Tulane. We made an appointment for January 11, 2011.
We made the drive to Tulane in New Orleans. The first person we saw was Chris, a genetic counselor. He explained to us that MCAD is a disorder where Lucy would have difficulty, or lack the ability, to break down medium sized fats. There are four different types of fat chains: Very Large, Large, Medium, and Small. When our bodies go into fasting mode, we begin to break down the fat chains to make sugar in order to give our cells energy. In the case of MCAD, Lucy’s body would lack the enzyme to break down the Medium Fat Chain and she would not be able to sustain her blood sugar from her fat storage.  I have to say at this point, I was blank on questions. Wes was very good with his questions.  1st, she will never grow out of this, it won’t get better. It’s a lifelong condition. 2nd, What about sleeping? The doctor assured us that she could go up to 8 hrs at this point without eating as long as she eats right before bed and eats as soon as she wakes up.  Our only concern with eating would be if she was to run fever or become ill with nausea or vomiting. During times of illness and fever, our bodies require more energy and use up more sugar.  At that point in time we are to bring her to the ER immediately and they will start an IV of sugar water.
Now that you know that, let me say that all the tests up to this point were inconclusive. Lucy had a DNA sequencing test where they found only one mutated gene for MCAD. In order to have MCAD, she would have to have 2 mutated genes.  With the one gene, she would just be a carrier. But at the same time, the amount of medium chains found not broken down in her blood, were still high enough to cause alarm.  So what is the next step?
Dr Hans Andersson told us that we could repeat the fat profile analysis (the test that showed the increase in medium chain fats) but we might get the same result.  Dr Anderson then said the only definitive test would be a skin biopsy.  With the piece of skin, the Mayo Clinic will grow some more cells from her donated piece and test the amount of the enzyme in those cells.  Wes and I agreed that we would want a definite answer.  So Lucy had a small piece, 3mm diameter, of skin taken from her arm. She tolerated the procedure very well. It was done in the exam room.
At the time of the visit, we also spoke with Kea, a Metabolic Nutritionist. She said as of right now, we need to make no changes in her diet. She can stay on the same formula, and keep eating baby foods. Her diet when she was older would have to be that of a “Cardiac Diet;” Which means, low fat, avoiding fried, greasy, heavy fat food. Basically what we eat here! HAHAH! She would not be able to enjoy greasy french fries, pizza, or fried chicken.  My family will have to make a lifestyle change, which would be healthy for all of us. We are to keep icing (cake icing) on hand, and some of that gel decorating icing too. I will also check her blood sugar periodically as needed, or if I think she is not feeling well.  At this time they want us to treat her as if she has it. Because even though this is easily treated, it can be very fatal as well. Chris, the counselor, told us that there are possibly some cases of SIDS that were actually caused by MCAD. Because the sugar can drop so fast with this disorder if the baby had not eaten recently, the baby would go into a coma and die during their sleep.  Catch your breath. It scared us too. Chris, Dr Andersson, and Kea all told said that with infants, because they eat so often, we will most likely not see this happen as long as we make sure she eats. Wes said she should have no problem with that living here. Dr Andersson and Chris both assured us that with early detection, children and people with MCAD can lead normal healthy lives.  We did not mention anything up until now, because we didn’t have much information to give. We will keep everyone updated as we receive more information. We are going to Dr Phillip Conner, locally, and he will be made aware of the situation.  We love everyone and appreciate your support. If you have any more questions feel free to ask us. 

Paige, Wes, and Lucy

I sent this letter to all of my family. I hope this will educate my friends as well.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Cards

Ever since I became a Mommy, I have been using Shutterfly to post my baby girl’s photos and share them with family. Even before I became a Mommy, I used Shutterfly for all sorts of things. Almost every time we go on a trip, we use Shutterfly to upload and share most of our pictures. It’s the easiest thing to do! I’ve also made several photobooks through them, and the quality is great! I keep the books out in my living room, and they’re always good conversation starters.
They have the best selection of Christmas cards this year! This will be the first year to send out one with my new little family. Even my mom is thinking of sending some out through shutterfly to update everyone on what has been happening in our lives.
This year I plan on using all the personal gifts available on Shutterfly to give Lucy's grandparents some unique ways to enjoy her lovely face. So looking forward to the surprise on their faces when they see their Lucy-ized gifts. 
I love all the different layouts they have on Shutterfly. I am looking forward to picking out a great Christmas card this year! Especially since it’s my baby girl’s 1st Christmas! Check out a few that I have in mind! I promise I won’t care if we all pick the same! But I doubt we will, there is such a wide variety.


Great news fellow bloggers.....for a limited time, Shutterfly is giving 50 free Christmas Cards to bloggers!

5 months old

Little Miss Lucy is 5 months old now! She officially has 2 teeth…thats right two! I am so sad at how fast she is growing! She has rolled over a few times (I have yet to see it, joys of a working mom), and is now enjoying sweet potatoes and bananas with oatmeal cereal. This is her favorite meal. 27349407231_ORIG

This picture is from Thanksgiving! She is growing so much!


She was too starving to wait for a spoon to reach her mouth, so we had to have a bottle first!



We are still living with my grandmother, and for the most part, it  is working out well. No one is ever alone in the house!  I think this weekend we may try to go to the Grant Christmas Tree Farm.

Lucy did get to sit on Santa’s lap at the Bass Pro Shopmyimagedownload(2)

Backtracking to the Beach!

Wes’ family lives in Corpus Christi. His girls also live there with their mom. We went to visit them before I started working. Lucy was able to interact more with her sisters and enjoy her first trip to the beach. Wes and his dad were not able to go fishing because of that tropical storm that had formed in the Gulf right there by Corpus.  We were able to go for Labor Day weekend and see more of the family.

SAM_1238 SAM_1209 SAM_1214 SAM_1219  SAM_1225




Posting more news soon!