Saturday, August 2, 2008

SOOO OVER-due!!!

Hey guys,
Im so overdue for a post! Im at work right now...very productive right? Luckily Im working ICU and getting to follow a nurse around and learn about lots of cool "nurse" duties! Im really excited about being a nurse one day! This just makes it more fun! Currently I am listening to the sounds of ECG (heart rate monitor) machines beeping sounds of high rates, low rates, unstable rhythms. I love it! It gives me a thrill to be here! I know its probably some place I could get burned out on, but why not start with a thrill and end with knowledge and understanding so that at the end of my career I have no regrets and I have some great experiences. (That was a horrible run-on sentence and my high school English teacher would be very upset).

On another note, school is right around the corner and I am not excited about it at all! I have so much to do in the next few weeks, my stomach hurts just thinking about it. Dr. is here...brb

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